Anti-corrosion protection

Under the term anti-corrosion protection a number of methods is summarized which allow to prevent far-reaching the corrosion of steel.

The most frequent and most efficient method is the protection by coating systems.

An important component for the planning of a coating system takes the international norm DIN EN ISO 12944 which is subdivided into 8 parts.

We would particularly point out to part 4 of this norm ?kinds of surfaces and surface preparation", because a corrosion protection system is only as good as the surface preparation.

In plain text: The best coating system fails on inadequate cleaned and prepared surfaces.

Here now a short overview of our anti-corrosion protection materials to which you receive more detailed information under the point "products".

1-components 2-components
Wedox-Silbergrund B 088 Antorit 200 Zinkmennige *
Wedox Metallgrund RUC 780 Tenaxon® T 569
Wedox Universalgrund AK 106 * Epidur-Zinkphosphatgrund EP 822 *
  Ätzprimer PVB 415
  Tenaxon® T 191
  Antorit 400 EG *
  Antorit 600 SF *

All materials marked with * further more have others an admittance of the Sea Professional Association as a heavy inflammable paint.

To answer your questions with regard to an anti-corrosion protection material, which is suitable for your application area or if you should need data sheets, you simply get in touch with us about "contact".