About us

We introduce ourselves

The special subject of TMP, Ritterhude, is the corrosion prevention of steel in the shipbuilding industry; also research, development and distribution of coating materials for ship-newbuilding and repair are being part of this.

1981 ? the year of foundation ? all activities regarding colors/coatings for shipbuilding industry of V. Höveling and ICI-Wiederhold were tightened and combined in TMP.

Approved corrosion prevention materials with a long time tradition were tooked over ? as well as for merchant shipping and for navy ? and developed according to modern, high qualitiy corrosion prevention and in correspondence with the high standards for environmental and health protection.

After a very positiv business expansion, we could extend our tank coating product range with our well known tenaxon ® coating materials in 1993.

Today, TMP belongs to the BERGOLIN-Group, what additionally force the
extended research, development and the production know-how.

The major part of our activities today, is the personal, competent consultation connected with a reliable service.

With the experience of our application-technicians, own manufacturing methods
as well as the use of high quality raw-materials and our knowledge out of the daily
practice, we would help you to solve your special problems by using this.